Our world. Our story.

Inspired by you, made for us and wear Love McNicoll, each our piece is meant to be an individual addition to your own personal style and it is our desire, ultimately, to give you the confidence to wear it. The inspiration has always been here, right in front of us and now we hope to share it with you.

The Story so far...

Love McNicoll is an fashion house dedicated to raw beauty and effortless cool. Grounded in our love of the arts, we quickly expanded into making our own stuff, with a focus on sustainability. Today, we make effortless silhouettes that celebrate the feminine figure and pioneer sustainable practices, focusing on people and progress each step of the way.

We are all too aware of the impact fashion has on the planet from water usage to waste and while we are only a small brand, it is the small changes that we continually make that add up to a bigger difference. We are far from perfect, but continually evolving and deeply committed to doing our best.

Come join us, We’ve been waiting for you.